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If building a custom home or changing the location of your business is not an option you may want to consider remodeling. Many people enter into the remodeling process, not knowing what to expect in relation to time and money. The following quiz will see where you stand on the remodeling scale:

  1. I know what changes I wish to make and what the finished product will look like:

  2. I am aware of the city/county building or zoning restrictions that apply for my location:

  3. My spouse/partner and I are in complete agreement on our design plans and budget:

  4. Sub-contractors always show up on time and stay 8 hours:

  5. Remodeling jobs are relatively predictable and usually remain on schedule:

  6. On a daily basis I will see significant progress on my project:

  7. My spouse/partner and I know and are in agreement on what interior &/or exterior features and finishes we wish to select:

  8. We realize that once construction begins, changes in materials and design may increase the cost of the project and delay production:

  9. I am aware that my design plans will need to be approved by the city or county in order to obtain a building permit:

  10. My level of experience and/or knowledge in the remodeling business is:

  11. I am aware that the cost of remodeling can run somewhere between $50-$200 a square foot:

  12. When it comes to remodeling, you always get a return on your investment when you sell your home:

  13. What is wrong with your current floor plan?

  14. Are you:

  15. Do you like:

  16. How much do you think this project will cost?*

    * Everyone has a number in their head whether it is realistic or not. Let's start somewhere.

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